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  • Sorry im late on this, but thx for helping me with the posada template, looks great, but do you know how to add the "expand" feature to it? Also, what do you think of the Wiki?

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    • I'm not sure why you didn't just pick to work with the original

      Adding expand and such would require adding Javascript and CSS codes.

      The logo looks a bit sad too. So I made a new version for it:

      I uploaded it as a new file, as I can't replace the old one, so you'll have to do it instead.

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    • I wanted to make the URL more distinct, didn't think there was any thing wrong with that.

      Oh ok, i'll get to work on that.

      Nice logo, im really bad at photoshopping so thanks lol, you can tell. Alrighty, thx for responding.

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